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Our Mission

The mission of our church is to reach out, serve, support and enhance the lives of immigrants and refugees from the Middle East; to lead them to accept Jesus Christ Lord and Saviour and to become members of the church of Jesus Christ; and to preach the gospel in the entire world, making disciples, and feeding the flock.


Our Vision

The vision of the Christian Arabic Church is to recognize that freely giving, sharing, and helping others in Godly love will in turn, further empower others to do the same. We desire to impact and enrich the lives of new immigrants for Christ through evangelism, spiritual care, and practical ministry. We also seek to become a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-generational church that reaches out to immigrants from the Middle East living in metropolitan Richmond, VA. Believing that God has put all things under the Lordship of Jesus, and as He is the Head of the Church, we are building a church family to proclaim the Gospel for the salvation for all, and to nurture, shelter and develop the spiritual fellowship of all. We gather also to promote worship of Almighty God, sharing the Sacraments, and performing evangelism, counseling, healing and service to every one, especially those coming from the Middle East. The Christian Arabic Church is providing spiritual and social ministry to the Arabic-speaking people in the area. This ministry services Arab Christians who live in the greater Richmond Metropolitan area by providing worship services, Bible study, Christian education programs for all ages, retreats, counseling, pastoral care, counseling, and social activities and services. The ministry also assists new immigrants and refugees from the Middle East who flee from persecution, crisis, war, and/or economic difficulties to settle in the United States. We orient members to the American society and to the mission of the church. Practical assistance to new immigrants includes food, clothing, and furniture, as well as assimilation services such as locating housing, finding jobs, enrolling children in school, translating and teaching English as a second language.


Our Primary Goals

* To reach out to Middle Eastern immigrants living in the Richmond area, and invite them to participate in Christian worship and fellowship.

*To assist new immigrants from the Middle East to understand and adjust to the American culture through our ongoing practical ministry program.

*To train and equip officers and leaders to serve the church and carry out the ministry and vision of the church by holding periodic ministry team-training sessions .

* To provide programs and activities for immigrant children and youth to lead them to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and to help them become an integral part of the life and ministry of the local church.

* To develop a strong educational program to help immigrant Arabic Christians grow in their faith and service for the Lord and the body of Christ.

*To plan special events and annual revivals, retreats, and other spiritual and social activities to provide opportunities for evangelism and outreach.

* To nurture the ties of the Arab immigrants with the Christian community in Richmond.

* To provide Christian fellowship, worship, biblical instruction, counseling, pastoral care, and social assistance to Arabic-speaking families in Richmond, area.

CAC - Staff


Rev. Fakhri Yacoub, Pastor


Ayman Kalda, Worship Director

Peter 2.jpeg

Peter Tadrous, Admin Assistant


Julien Rizk, Youth Director

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